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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

When I met Leshia it was love at first sight. I think that pretty much explains how not only I but everyone else feels when they first make the acquaintance of this lovely, one of a kind lady who is the Owner and Broker of Jupiter Lighthouse Realty. 

When one first looks around for a Realtor what they usually find is a good business person or two or maybe someone who knows the area and has some knowledge of real estate. But let's face it, what we are really looking for is someone we can trust with not only our financial matters but with our children and loved ones. Someone who genuinely cares whether or not you get a house not only of proper construction but in the right school district and near the things that you moved to the area for and not just someone who will sell you anything just to collect a commission. That's why you see "Building Confidence through Consideration" beneath her signature on every single email lease or contract.

For the period of twenty five years that she has been serving her friends, customers and community she has had only one vacation and has not left the area a single time for storms or other times when most were scrambling out of town. She was here watching the precious investment properties for her customers and making sure that they were all well protected. That's why when you look on the testimonials page you will see only a few of the hundreds of thank you cards that she gets every year.

So, if what you are looking for is an honest, hard working, loyal, trustworthy and knowledgeable agent, you've found it. My best friend and partner in life... Leshia Johnson.

Linda Agnolucci is the consummate professional that has the golden touch to navigate through difficult situations. She sold my house not only once, but twice in less than 72 hours both times – simply amazing. Her tenacity and perseverance to find qualified buyers and carry us through the entire process was simply impressive. I am tremendously satisfied with Linda’s services and look forward to future business with her!

Linda Agnolucci is such a professional and a joy to work with. Her knowledge of Palm Beach Gardens and particularly PGA National is stellar and she adds such a personal touch to the transaction. She made my buying experience completely smooth and enjoyable - so much so I wouldn't be willing to work with anyone else! She'll definitely be my first call if I ever chose to sell.

Linda is AWESOME! I used her during my short sale and the entire experience was quick and easy. She help me through the paper, explained everything and we were able to sell my condo in less than a month.

The closing was just as easy, she guided me through each step and we closed 3 weeks after accepting an offer! I refer Linda to all my friends because she knows what she's doing and she's not going to guide you the right direction. Linda's a person you can trust and she's always there with an answer.

Linda is great agent to work with. She is patient and work hard. I had a nice experience when I bought my house and she is my agent about one year ago. I am happy with the house I bought now.

I highly recommend Linda Agnolucci as a Real Estate Agent. I have known her for years and she is very professional and knows the real estate business. She was very patient with us buying a home, because of personal issues it took us over two years to finally purchase our home.

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